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My webpage is designed to showcase the creative potential of AI and its ability to generate beautiful and unique artworks. On the homepage, you'll find an interactive gallery where you can browse through a vast collection of AI-generated art pieces.

I offer various art styles to choose from, such as realistic, abstract, surreal, and others.  AI algorithms use deep learning and machine learning techniques to analyze and mimic human artistic styles. I combine each image with my own touch and human soul. Each artwork is unique and has its own distinct style and character.

I also offer an online store where you can purchase prints of your favorite artworks. We use high-quality printing techniques to ensure that the prints are true to the original artworks.

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The Digital files that I have for sale are scaled to very big size that is good to print up to a poster size so the quality of printed pieces is always sharp and crisp.

Gallery: This link will take you directly to the AI Artist gallery where you can view and explore a variety of AI-generated art pieces.

Store: This link will take you to an online store where you can purchase prints of your favorite AI-generated artworks.

What is Ai Art?

AI art refers to the artwork that is created with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. AI art can take many different forms, including paintings, sculptures, music, and more.

In AI art, the computer algorithms are used to generate or manipulate visual or auditory content. These algorithms can range from simple rule-based systems to more complex deep learning neural networks that are capable of producing highly sophisticated and intricate artwork.

AI art blurs the line between human and machine creativity, and raises questions about the role of the artist, the nature of creativity, and the relationship between humans and machines in the artistic process.

I finish the images with the help of Photoshop to add some more "human sense" and human artist's soul where it is needed. Enjoy!